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High quality calibrated panels

Engineer Ply offers a wide range of high quality plywood, manufactured from the premium A+ grade timber. Our rigorous engineering process ensures the product is perfectly bonded and suitably treated to withstand termites, bores & moisture. Highly recommended for all types of furniture, wall panelling, partitions, ceilings, laminations & paint finish.

Commercial Plywood

MR/BWR GRADE (IS: 303 - 1989)

Our BWR Grade Plywood is preservative-treated and water proof, manufactured from select hardwood timber. The high strength hardwood veneer and the superior bonding strength of BWR type Phenol Formaldehyde synthetic adhesive adds extra durability to the product.

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Flexi Plywood

IS: 303 - 1989

Extremely flexible, this marine plywood can be forced to form curves & bends. Normal plywood tends to resist bending; however flexi ply is composed of layers of thin plies which help bending into ‘curved shapes’ easily.

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Fire Rated Plywood

(IS: 5509 - 2000)

Fire Rated or Flame Resistant Plywood is fast becoming a part of standard building norms nowadays, especially for certain applications such as fire walls & film-set construction. It takes state-of-the-art technical innovations, high levels of skills...

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(IS: 1659 - 1989)

EngineerPly blockboards are made up of the kiln – seasoned and chemically treated European timber only. It has a smooth & warp-free surface, free from corrugation & gaps. Dimensionally stable, it resists termites & other wood destroying organisms.

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