Fire Rated Plywood

Engineer Ply offers a wide range of high quality plywood, manufactured from the premium A+ grade timber. Our rigorous engineering process ensures the product is perfectly bonded and suitably treated to withstand termites, bores & moisture. Highly recommended for all types of furniture, wall panelling, partitions, ceilings, laminations & paint finish.

Fire Rated Plywood

(IS: 5509 - 2000)

Fire Rated or Flame Resistant Plywood is fast becoming a part of standard building norms nowadays, especially for certain applications such as fire walls & film-set construction. It takes state-of-the-art technical innovations, high levels of skills, specialized knowledge and years of research & development to build world-class fire rated plywood. Our products are designed to adhtere to the highest levels of quality specifications & standards as laid down by the ISI.

  • Low flammability & smoke generation.
  • Resists ignition, surface spread & penetration.
  • Leach resistant; Fire retardant chemical will not wash out.
  • Non-hygroscopic; Does not corrode.
  • Permits overlaying, lamination or painting.
  • Can be machine cut with ordinary tools.
  • 3-tier preservative treatment for deeper penetration.
  • Resists fungi, termites & borers.
  • Formaldehyde emission within acceptable norms.
  • Dimensionally stable in adverse environments.

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